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                Ac Cam Switch 3 Phase
                • Ac Cam Switch 3 PhaseAc Cam Switch 3 Phase
                • Ac Cam Switch 3 PhaseAc Cam Switch 3 Phase
                • Ac Cam Switch 3 PhaseAc Cam Switch 3 Phase
                • Ac Cam Switch 3 PhaseAc Cam Switch 3 Phase

                Ac Cam Switch 3 Phase

                Lixin is a professional leader China Ac Cam Switch 3 Phase manufacturer with high quality and reasonable price. An AC cam switch for three-phase systems typically features multiple poles to accommodate the three phases of the AC power supply. It enables the user to control the connection and disconnection of electrical circuits in three-phase applications.

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                Product Description

                Lixin Manufacturing Company is pleased to introduce our AC Cam Switch 3 Phase, an innovative solution tailored for electrical applications. This cutting-edge switch represents our ongoing commitment to delivering excellence in electrical control devices.

                The AC Cam Switch 3 Phase is meticulously engineered to meet the demanding requirements of three-phase electrical systems. With its advanced design and robust construction, this switch ensures reliable performance and seamless operation in various industrial and commercial environments.

                Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, our AC Cam Switch 3 Phase offers precise control over electrical circuits, enabling efficient operation and enhanced safety. Its versatility allows for seamless integration into a wide range of applications, from machinery and equipment control to power distribution systems.

                At Lixin Manufacturing Company, we prioritize quality and innovation, and our AC Cam Switch 3 Phase exemplifies this commitment. Trust in our expertise and experience to provide you with reliable solutions for your electrical control needs.

                Lixin Ac Cam Switch 3 Phase Product model and its meaning

                Note: ① Hot and humid belt product code: TH or TA.

                ② Conversion Angle code: 30°(3), 45°(4), 60°(6), 90°(9)

                Note: Use code: Q1- Direct start 2 sections Q2- Direct start 3 sections N- reversible conversion

                S-two-speed motor Variable speed SN- two-speed motor variable speed, reversible.

                Lixin Ac Cam Switch 3 Phase Parameter (Specification)

                Rated insulation voltage         Ui        V


                Conventional heating current  lth       A


                Rated operating voltage          Ue      V



                Rated working current            le

                AC-15            A



                DC-13            A


                AC-3              A


                AC-4              A


                Lixin Ac Cam Switch 3 Phase Mechanical and electrical life

                Mechanical life: 0.3x10 times, operating frequency is 120 times/hour.

                Electric life:

                The operating frequency of AC-15 is 0.1x10 ⁶, and the operating frequency is 300 times/hour.

                For DC-13, the operation frequency is 0.1x10 °, and the operation frequency is 300 times/hour.

                The operating frequency of AC-3 is 0.1x10 °, and the operating frequency is 120 hours.

                0.1x10° at AC-4, operating frequency 120 times per hour.

                Lixin Ac Cam Switch 3 Phase Overall dimensions and mounting dimensions

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