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Why Choose Lixin

Innovation and Customization
We strive to design, develop, manufacture and supply products that set new industry benchmarks. Proven track record of developing products as per domestic and international customers specifications.
Wide range of Products
Being a Market Leader, highest range of Products available for customers to choose from.
Wide Distribution Network
We have a distribution center in China and serve 50 countries around the world.
Total Vertical Integration
In-house Design, tooling , moulding and manufacturing helps in two ways, greater flexibility to make customized products, and better quality control of the product.
R&D Center
A mature R&D department accredited by the Science Department. Industrial research coupled with an in-house type testing laboratory enhances our product leadership.
Quality-assured products
We believe in operational excellence and excellent design. We strive to satisfy our clients with the right product, prompt delivery and right price.

Featured Products

  • Lw26 125a Cam Switch

    Lw26 125a Cam Switch

    As a professional high quality Lw26 125a Cam Switch manufacturer, the LW26 series rotary switch, also known as a cam switch, changeover switch, or isolating switch, is a versatile electrical component suitable for various applications including circuit switching, circuit conversion, motor control, and instrument operation. This switch series complies with industry standards such as GB 14048.3, GB 14048.5, and IEC 60947-5-1, ensuring quality, reliability, and safety in electrical systems.

  • Ac Cam Switch 3 Phase

    Ac Cam Switch 3 Phase

    Lixin is a professional leader China Ac Cam Switch 3 Phase manufacturer with high quality and reasonable price. An AC cam switch for three-phase systems typically features multiple poles to accommodate the three phases of the AC power supply. It enables the user to control the connection and disconnection of electrical circuits in three-phase applications.

  • Cam Operated Switch

    Cam Operated Switch

    You can rest assured to buy Lixin Cam Operated Switch from our factory. The main switch is an ON-OFF switch used to isolate power to a specific area of operation. This must allow the disconnection of all electrical equipment. The main switch can be used to switch and control main circuits, motor on-off and other special application circuits, such as lighting equipment, heating equipment and motors. Its high reliability on-off capability ensures frequent switching on and off. working reliability.

  • 3 Phase Rotary Selector Switch

    3 Phase Rotary Selector Switch

    You can rest assured to buy Lixin 3 Phase Rotary Selector Switch from our factory. 3 Phase Rotary Selector Switches are essential components used in various electrical and mechanical systems to control the positioning or movement of equipment. These switches provide precise control over the operation of machinery, allowing for accurate positioning, speed adjustment, or sequence control.

New Products

Lw26 Series Rotary Cam Switch

Lw26 Series Rotary Cam Switch

Buy Lixin Lw26 Series Rotary Cam Switch which is of high quality directly with low price. The LW26 series rotary switch is primarily designed for use in AC circuits up to 440V and DC circuits up to 240V, operating at a frequency of 50Hz. It is specifically suited for manual operations involving circuit breaking, closing, and changeover, offering reliable performance in various applications such as controlling 3-phase motors, switchgear, instruments, and machinery. This series complies with industry standards including GB14048.3, GB14048.5, IEC60947-3, and IEC60947-5-1, ensuring adherence to quality and safety regulations.

4 Position Rotary Cam Switch

4 Position Rotary Cam Switch

As the professional manufacturer, we would like to provide you Lixin 4 Position Rotary Cam Switch. This switch facilitates control over electrical circuits by offering four selectable positions, allowing users to switch between different configurations or modes as needed. It provides versatility and precision in managing electrical connections, making it suitable for various applications such as motor control, instrumentation, and circuit switching. The rotary cam mechanism ensures reliable operation and seamless transitions between positions, enhancing efficiency and convenience in electrical systems.

Positioning Type Selector Switch

Positioning Type Selector Switch

Lixin is China manufacturer & supplier who mainly produces Positioning Type Selector Switch with many years of experience. It is used to control and convert electrical appliances.It can also be used to control the isolation and circuit testing of small-capacity motors and circuits without frequently turning on or breaking the circuit. Equipped with double break contacts, it has extremely high reliability. And can fully adapt to various working environments to meet customer needs.

Motor Control Isolator Switch

Motor Control Isolator Switch

You can rest assured to buy Lixin Motor Control Isolator Switch from our factory. The product mainly used as a power switch in electrical circuits and as a starting, reversing, and speed change switch for motors. It can also be used for conversion of control circuits.


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