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                Self-Reset Rotary Cam Switch
                • Self-Reset Rotary Cam SwitchSelf-Reset Rotary Cam Switch

                Self-Reset Rotary Cam Switch

                You can confidently purchase the Lixin Self-Reset Rotary Cam Switch from our factory. This product is ideal for converting electrical control circuits and measuring instruments within circuits. Additionally, it's capable of directly controlling motors, offering versatility across various electrical applications.

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                Product Description

                As the professional manufacturer, we would like to provide you Lixin Self-Reset Rotary Cam Switch. A self-reset rotary cam switch is a type of electrical switch that uses a rotating mechanism to make or break connections. Here's how it generally works:

                Rotary Mechanism: The switch has a knob or lever that can be turned to different positions. Each position corresponds to a different set of electrical contacts or functions.

                Cam Operation: Inside the switch, there's a cam mechanism that controls the movement of electrical contacts. As the switch is rotated, the cam pushes or pulls on these contacts, making or breaking connections.

                Self-Resetting Feature: The "self-reset" aspect means that after the switch is turned to a specific position, it automatically returns to a default or neutral position when released. This is typically achieved through a spring-loaded mechanism that applies force to return the switch to its default position.

                Applications: Self-reset rotary cam switches are commonly used in industrial control panels, machinery, and equipment where operators need to select different modes or functions quickly and easily. The self-resetting feature ensures that the switch returns to a standard state after each selection, simplifying operation and preventing accidental changes.

                These switches come in various configurations, including different numbers of positions and types of contacts (e.g., single-pole, double-pole, etc.), to suit different application requirements. They're valued for their durability, reliability, and ease of use in industrial settings.

                Lixin Self-Reset Rotary Cam Switch Type specification

                Rated insulation voltage  Ui V


                Agreed heating current

                Ith A


                Rated working voltage

                Ue V



                Rated operating current


                AC-15 A



                DC-13 A


                AC-3 A


                AC-4 A


                Lixin Self-Reset Rotary Cam Switch Mechanical life and electrical life

                Mechanical life: 0.3x106 times, operating frequency is 120 times/hour.

                Electrical life: 0.1x106 at AC-15, operating frequency is 300 times/hour

                0.1x106 times at DC-13, operating frequency is 300 times/hour

                0.1x106 times at AC-3, operating frequency is 120 times per hour

                0.1x106 times at AC-4, operating frequency is 120 times per hour

                Lixin Self-Reset Rotary Cam Switch Dimensional drawing

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